More U.S. Executive & Administrative Resources

Executive Departments

Presidential Documents

U.S. Military Resources

  • U.S. Department of Defense – Gateway to all Department of Defense web sites.
  • Joint Chiefs of Staff – Includes an electronic library of historical, research, and service publications, as well as handbooks and pamphlets on military activities.
  • Military Legal Resources – Extensive collection of digital documents. Includes articles from The Army Lawyer (back to 1971) and Military Law Review (back to 1958), as well as historical, regulatory, and international materials.

Administrative Agencies

  • SEC – Links to U.S. corporation filings, SEC decisions and memoranda, and more.
  • IRS – Links to U.S. tax forms, statistics, publications, and more.
  • EPA – Links to EPA regulations, guidance documents, technical reports, library resources, and more.
  • Other administrative agencies – Links to the web sites of all U.S. administrative agencies.